Results – Australian Irish Dancing Championships

The 2012 Australian Championships finished up last week in Adelaide. Thank you to everyone for all of their hard work and support throughout the championships and congratulations to all dancers! A photo album will be up shortly – make sure you check it out. Click here to view the results from Adelaide…

Congratulations to all Scoil Ard Rince dancers that competed in Adelaide. You all looked fantastic! Results are below for our Solo & Ceili place-getters.

Minor Girls 9 Years
Brea Merison 29th Place

Minor Girls 10 Years
Colette Blake 23rd Place

Junior Girls 12 Years
Jasmine Merison 9th Place

Intermediate Girls 14 Years
Chloe Peirce 2nd Place
Sharnae Harris 12th Place
Cailtin Gray 22nd Place

Senior Girls 16 Years
Amy Von Gneisenau 9th Place

Junior Ladies 17 Years
Teneale Ryder 9th Place
Madelyn Burke 19th Place
Shona Clarke 23rd Place

Senior Girls 15 Years
Cienna Jewell 32nd Place

Senior Men 20 Years & Over
Liam Sheils 3rd Place

Senior Ladies 20 Years & Over
Celia Shawcross 7th Place
Jade Miller 35th Place
Katie Weier 41st Place

Under 16 Girls 4 Hand Ceili
7th Place – Alana Bedford, Chloe Peirce, Jasmine Merison & Sharnae Harris

Under 16 Girls 8 Hand Ceili
5th Place – Erin Pederson, Jasmine Merison, Cailtin Gray, Chloe Peirce, Cienna Jewell, Alana Bedford, Sharnae Harris & Brea Merison

Under 16 Girls Reel in Couples
7th Place – Sharnae Harris & Chloe Peirce

Under 19 Girls 4 Hand Ceili
1st Place – Amy Von Gneisenau, Teneale Ryder, Chloe Peirce & Blaze Montgomery
8th Place – Cienne Jewell, Jess Pitts, Shona Clarke & Madelyn Burke

Under 19 Girls 8 Hand Ceili
2nd Place – Chloe Peirce, Sharnae Harris, Amy Von Gneisenau, Teneale Ryder, Blaze Montgomery, Shona Clarke, Madelyn Burke & Jess Pitts

Open Age Girls 4 Hand Ceili
4th Place – Jade Miller, Celia Shawcross, Madelyn Burke & Eden Geary
15th Place – Katie Weier, Tess Lincoln, Courtney Kennedy & Blaze Montgomery

Open Age Girls 8 Hand Ceili
11th Place – Courtney Kennedy, Jade Miller, Tess Lincoln, Celia Shawcross, Katie Weier, Eden Geary, Madelyn Burke & Blaze Montgomery

Senior Girls 4 Hand Choreography
11th Place – Celia Shawcross, Teneale Ryder, Blaze Montgomery & Madelyn Burke