Qld State Championships – Results

The 2015 Qld State Championships are over for another year – but what a fantastic weekend! All of the Scoil Ard Rince dancers did an amazing job and we are very proud of each and every dancer.

Scoil Ard Rince had 7 solo State Champions:
Celia Shawcross – Senior Ladies
Chloe Peirce – 17 Years Ladies
Jasmine Merison – 15 Years Ladies
Sophie Liang – 13 Years Girls
Kate Edgar – 11 Years Girls
Elise Mannion – 9 Years Girls
Harry Lowis – 8 Years & Under Boys

Runners Up
Sharnie Harris
Eliza Bulloch
Colette Blake
Bridget Mannion

3rd Place
Isaac Loxley
Freya Jones

4th Place
Greer Hutchison
Brea Merison
Lexie Tuckett
Ella Ross

5th Place
Madelyn Burke
Cienna Jewell
Caity Gray
Sam Gray
Kyla Milne
Aaliyah Sinclair

Traditional Set Dance
1st Place Champion – Celia Shawcross
Runner Up – Chloe Peirce

A total of 25 dancers from Scoil Ard Rince on the blocks at States is amazing out of 43 dancers. 21 world qualifiers and a total of 31 in the top 10. Spectacular weekend which we followed up with amazing team results.

Remaining results

6th, Abi Loxley, Ella Liang
7th Blaze Montgomery, Isabelle Chui, Tara Wilkinson, Milliea Coonz
8th Chloe Burrows Andrews
10th Montana O Keeffe
11th Nyah Burrows Andrews
16th Shannagh Mangan
Championship Awards, Sonya Tadrowski, Elbe Du Plessis, Alina Althaus, Amy Jimmieson, Sheridan Moore, Evelyn Scherf, Rukiya Khamis, Caitlin Huf, Tara McAteer, Charlotte Ross.

State Champions
Open age 4 hand and 4 hand Choreography
Under 18 4 hand and 8 hand
Under 15 6 hand and 8 hand
Under 12 4 hand and 8 hand
Under 10 8 hand

Runners up
Under 15 4 hand
Under 10 mixed 8 hand
under 10 4 hand

3rd open age 8 hand, Open age progressive, under 15 2 hand, under 15 4 hand, under 12 3 hand, under 10 4 hand

4th under 10 mixed 4 hand, under 10 4 hand, under 12 mixed reel in couples

5th under 12 three hand

6th under 12 4 hand, under 15 2 hand

9 titles and 18 teams in the top 3 from a great weekend with all teams performing so well and giving it their best.

A big thank you to all dancers & parents for their support and assistance over the weekend. Let’s keep up the hard work…..only 4 weeks until the National Championships in Sydney!!

Breeda, Bridget, Chrissy & Claire