Australian Championships 2018

2018 saw our dancers and families make the trip to Cairns in North Queensland, with the Australian Irish Dancing Championships held there for the very first time. We had a fantastic group of dancers and their families head to the 5 day event. It was there we claimed our newest Australian Champion, Isaac Loxley! Isaac took out first place in Intermediate Boys 14 years, and we are delighted with him taking home the title in such a talented section.


Scoil Ard Rince dancers took out a further 5 podium places in solo events, with 3rd places going to Lana Jones (9 years), Freya Jones (11 years) and Chloe Peirce (Senior Ladies 20-21 years); 4th place to Kate Edgar (14 years) and 5th place to Jasmine Merison (18 years).

Our teams also had great success with 4 teams placing as runners up with a total of 15 teams placing in the top 10.

We’d like to congratulate each and every dancer that represented Scoil Ard Rince. We couldn’t be more proud of the time and effort you all put in to prepare for the championships.

For a full list of our fantastic solo and team results, click this link:

Scoil Ard Rince Results – Australian Championships 2018

9 Years Girls
🏆 3rd place Lana Jones

11 Years Boys
☘️ Devlin Burrows-Andrews – Championship Award

11 Years Girls
🏆 3rd Place Freya Jones
🏅33rd place Maeve Dorash
🏅35th place Ella Ross
🏅37th place Tara McAteer

12 Years Girls
🏅8th place Paige Blonk
🏅15th place Mackenzie Tydd
🏅28th place Caitlin Huf

13 Years Girls
🏅23rd place Sheridan Moore
🏅30th place Chloe Burrows-Andrews

14 Years Boys

14 Years Girls
🏆 4th place Kate Edgar
🏅15th place Logan Tydd
🏅18th place Grace Dorash
🏅19th place Ayla Watkins

15 Years Girls
🏅29th place Isabelle Chui

16 Years Girls
🏅12th place Sophie Liang
🏅13th place Abigail Loxley

18 Years Girls
🏆5th place Jasmine Merison
🏅11th place Eliza Bulloch

20-21 Years Ladies
🏆 3rd place Chloe Peirce

Under 10 girls 4 hand
🏅8th place

Under 10 girls 8 hand
🏆 2nd place

Under 12 girls 3 hand
🏅7th place

Under 12 girls 4 hand
🏅15th place

Under 12 girls 8 hand
🏆 2nd place

Under 15 girls 4 hand
🏅4th place
🏅7th place

Under 15 girls 8 hand
🏆 2nd place

Under 15 mixed 8 hand
🏆 2nd place

Under 15 girls 2 hand
🏅7th place

Under 15 mixed 2 hand
🏅5th place

Under 18 girls 4 hand
🏅5th place
🏅9th place

Under 18 girls 8 hand
🏅4th place

Open girls 4 hand
🏅11th place
🏅14th place

Open girls 8 hand
🏅8th place

Open Choreography 4 hand
🏅4th place

We’d also like to congratulate the following solo & team only dancers on their efforts:
Imogen Loxley – 8 Years
Claire Dowling – 9 Years
Keira Whyte – 9 Years
Charlotte Ross – 9 Years
Isla Dukes – 10 Years
Charlotte McManus – 10 Years
Sofia Witherow – 11 Years
Hillary Reisenleiter – 12 Years
Chloe Jones – 12 Years
Aaliyah Sinclair – 12 Years
Alexis Tuckett – 13 Years
Caitlin Brighouse – 13 Years
Niamh Allan – 15 Years
Natahni Lonergan – 15 Years
Elbe Du Pleases – 16 Years
Brienna Kinsella – 16 Years
Sharna Harris – 20-21 Years
Caitlin Gray – 20-21 Years

Aiobheann Waterstone – Team Only
Lilly Roesner – Team Only
Paityn Ross – Team Only
Spencer Hodgson – Team Only
Lauren Davie – Team Only
Blaze Montgomery – Team Only

Once again, thank you to all of our dancers and their families for the amazing work they put in to prepare for these championships. We all had a fantastic time away in Cairns and preparations are already in place for the 2019 championships to be held in Canberra.

Breeda, Chrissy, Bridget, Claire & Celia