Australian Championships 2015 – Results

The 2015 Australian Championships were held at Sydney Olympic Park from 29th September to 3rd October. As teachers of Scoil Ard Rince, we were so proud of the amazing effort all of our dancers put in during both the lead up to the Championships and throughout the event. A big thank you to all dancers and their families! To view Scoil Ard Rince’s fantastic results, please click through…

Solo Results:

3rd Place
Chloe Peirce – 17 Years
Celia Shawcross – 20 Years & Over

4th Place
Elise Mannion – 9 Years

6th Place
Jasmine Merison – 15 Years

7th Place
Isaac Loxley – 11 Years

12th Place
Eliza Bulloch – 15 Years

13th Place
Bridget Mannion – 7 Years

15th Place
Cienna Jewell – 18 Years

16th Place
Ella Ross – 8 Years
Brea Merison – 12 Years

17th Place
Milliea Coonz – 9 Years
Sophie Liang – 13 Years

18th Place
Sharnae Harris – 17 Years

20th Place
Abigail Loxley – 13 Years

22nd Place
Isabelle Chui – 12 Years

24th Place
Tara Wilkinson – 11 Years

25th Place
Freya Jones – 8 Years
Colette Blake – 13 Years

27th Place
Greer Hutchison – 14 Years

30th Place
Sam Gray

31st Place
Caitlin Huff – 9 Years

32nd Place
Aaliyah Sinclair – 9 Years

33rd Place
Kyla Milne – 11 Years
Blaze Montgomery – 20 Years & Over

35th Place
Alexis Tuckett – 9 Years
Madelyn Burke – 20 Years & Over

39th Place
Montana O’Keeffe – 12 Years

We also congratulate the following dancers on their efforts:
Ella Liang, Charlotte Ross, Tara McAteer, Chloe Burrows-Andrews, Nyah Burrows-Andrews, Shannagh Mangan & Caitlin Gray.

A special mention goes to Kate Edgar who was unable to compete due to an injury but came along to the championships to cheer on all of her SAR friends.

Scoil Ard Rince also entered many ceili events. The dedication and professionalism of our dancers was fantastic. Again, thanks to the dancers and their families for their support in our ceili events.

Ceili Results:

Australian Champions
Under 10 Girls 4 Hand – Team B
Under 10 Girls 8 Hand – Team A

2nd Place
Under 18 Girls 4 Hand – Team A

3rd Place
Under 12 Girls 8 Hand – Team A

4th Place
Under 18 Girls 8 Hand – Team A

5th Place
Open Age Girls 8 Hand – Team A

6th Place
Under 10 Girls 4 Hand – Team A

7th Place
Under 12 Girls 4 Hand – Team A

9th Place
Under 15 Girls 4 Hand – Team A
Under 15 Girls 8 Hand – Team A

11th Place
Under 15 Girls Reel in Couples

14th Place
Under 12 Girls 3 Hand
Open Age Girls 4 Hand – Team A

27th Place
Under 15 Girls 4 Hand – Team B

All of the SAR ceili teams received a place, which is an amazing achievement. Congratulations dancers.

The dancing year has flown by and we couldn’t be happier with the way our SAR dancers represent the school. Term 4 has now started and so has the preparation for the 2016 Australian Championships which are to be held in Hobart.

We wish all dancers taking part in the Premierships the very best of luck!

Keep up the hard work!! 🙂

Claire, Breeda, Chrissy & Bridget.